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Larry’s Top Ten List of What’s Happening at Mount Pleasant and Mineral UMC.

Worship Opportunities:

  • Conference Call Worship continues but we are working towards offering video portions of the service online through Facebook or You Tube or the website.
  • 9:00 AM – Mount Pleasant meets every Sunday at 9:00 AM in both the Social Hall and the Sanctuary to allow plenty of room for Social Distancing.
  • 11:00 AM – Mineral now meets for in-person worship in the Social Hall and soon will be meeting in the sanctuary as well.
  • Finances – despite the hardships caused by the pandemic, remain stable and healthy.
  • Zoom Meetings continue to help us do the work of the church from the safety of home.
  • Wednesday Night Bible Study – Meets at 6:00 PM at Mineral. Led by David Compton, this Bible study is an excellent way to further your study of God’s Word.
  • Tuesday Morning Men’s Group – Meets every Tuesday at 8:30 at Mount Pleasant to discuss almost any issue and relate that issue to our faith.

New Sermon Series: Continuing “What You Simply Must Do in 2020 to Succeed in Love and Life” as we prepare for a new church year in the midst of a difficult year.

Grief Support Ministry – “Why, What If, If Only” is a six to eight-week class offering support to those people who struggle with grief due to loss of a loved one.

Charge Conference – more than a series of reports, this year charge conference is our church getting organized to be in ministry for the unique challenges that face us.

“What You Simply MUST DO” and Charge Conference

Nothing about the year 2020 could ever be described as normal but in the midst of all the difficulties and challenges, there are also opportunities like never before. How can we as Christians and as the church respond during this crisis to make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others.

The sermon series, “What You Simply Must Do”, has a specific goal: To prepare individually and as a church for the unique challenges that face us as a result of COVID-19. My hope is that each message will offer guidance helping you discern how God is calling you. For some, you are living out that call right now. For others, you may be searching for answers. My prayer is for you to find guidance and encouragement.

Charge Conference is an annual meeting between our church and a representative from our conference and denomination, usually the District Superintendent, Rev. Danny Kesner. At that meeting, we will discuss what happened this year and share our preparations for next year. Those preparations, include: 1. Who will be our leaders? 2. What is our budget? 3. What will be our goals for next year?

Remember my guiding questions. Each question, honestly answered, can guide you toward hearing God’s call for your life.

  1. How strong is your foundation?
  2. How big is your dream?
  3. How good is your team?

Please Pray about your participation in church this year. We are making big plans and you are needed now more than ever. Consider meeting with me and talking about your hopes and dreams for the future and how God plays a part. You may feel led to think about something we have never done before and I would be honored to help. You may want to ask a few questions about how you think God is guiding you. You may have some concerns and doubts as to whether you know what God wants. I may not always have answers, but I can certainly listen, offer guidance and most of all, pray with you.

Email me or call me and we will find a way to talk about it.

Email –
Cell: 434-665-0073

Pastor Larry

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