Our 200+ years as a congregation

Mt Pleasant UMC started in rural Louisa County, VA when going to church involved hitching up horses to a wagon or buggy. The Civil War was not dreamed of yet – in fact, the British were sacking Washington D.C in 1812, the year Mt Pleasant took root. How did Mt. Pleasant survive nearly 200 years to continue today as a vibrant congregation of worshipers? Perhaps it was the undying faith of the few which gave it courage to persevere when adversity could have ended it. Perhaps it was its tradition of reaching out to the community which gave it purpose and focused it on mission rather than its own problems. Or, perhaps God has a plan for Mt. Pleasant yet to be fulfilled.

Faith of the few has seen Mt. Pleasant through rough times that called for re-creation. Average attendance has been as few as 5 but the faithful few refused to let it die. When funds were needed they rose to the challenge. When the building needed paint or repair they rose to the challenge. When the pastor only came every third Sunday, they continued weekly Sunday School. They did it because they knew the traditions established where their parents and grandparents worshipped had value worth the sacrifice. And they had faith that God would guide and see them through.

Reaching out to the community has kept the focus on helping others. In a low point for the church immediately after the Civil War, the people again reached out. After the war blacks were separating from white churches to form churches of their own. Many worshipped in open air brush arbors. Mt Pleasant reached out to the worshipers who had separated from nearby Goldmine Baptist to allow them to worship in the Mt Pleasant church building until they constructed something more permanent on property across the road that had belonged to a Mt. Pleasant church member. Today Mt. Pleasant continues to reach out to the community in fighting hunger, in improving housing, and ministering to needs nationally and worldwide. In so doing it does the will of God and develops a wider perspective on its problems and a clearer image of its own value.

In the last 20 years Mt. Pleasant has re-created itself yet again. From almost closing its doors it has begun to build again. While keeping the reminders of the saints of the past who built and maintained the church, Mt. Pleasant has refurbished its sanctuary, built a social hall with kitchen and indoor plumbing, and later expanded to add classrooms and a larger fellowship hall. Today’s faithful do believe God has a plan for Mt. Pleasant. We believe that, in order for our congregation to fulfill that plan, we need to be about God’s work of making disciples, reaching out to help those in need, and building for the future. We believe that by building on the faith, perseverance, and courage of our forefathers we can look to the future with the confidence of children of God.